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Looking out over Santa Monica Bay, Los Angeles, 1927.

Why can’t my life not be a roller coaster? Can one good thing happen to me without something awful happening right after? Seriously though. Universe, love me more.


The Hubble Extreme Deep Field
The Hubble Extreme Deep Field is the most distant image of the Universe ever created. Its diameter is one tenth the width of the full moon, its area is one 30 millionth of the entire sky. Within this field of view there are more than 5000 galaxies, 600 trillion stars and 50 quadrillion planets and moons. The light from the most distant visible objects was created more than 13 billion years ago, when the Universe was only 5% of it’s current age. This photograph is a slice of infinity, proof of the immense scale of reality.

The Doors in front of their billboard, the first band to ever advertise an album with a billboard, 1967.

Marina Abramovic - Impoderabilia (1977)

Please do not erase the source, I took this photo, thank you ♥

What is chic, what is fashion? from a 1970 issue from Harper’s BazaarPhotographed by Guy Bourdin